The Talent Institution was founded by Rakesh and Seema Kumawat on the 30th May 2000. The school is located on the N.H. No. 8. Our aim to provide quality affordable education to the working families of northern udaipur began with 82 students in five classroom. We built the Talent Academy Sr. Sec. School from the ground up and currently serve 1000 students in our school.

Who We Are

Talent Institution is temple of education situated in an open non polluted environment with a hard working staff ,and green environment with garden fountain all amenities.

Talent International School Provide Quality education in English medium here we have classes from Nursery to 8th Class. Here we teach our students in globally and innovatively and more practically . We respect our children's ideas make them believe in themselves..

Talent Academy School provides quality education at subsidized rates for children from poor families to enable them to become educated, literate citizens with greater future opportunities. It aims to:

From the Director's Desk...

Mr. Rakesh Kumawat

I sincerely believe that knowledge, a critical mind, the capacity to understand and a sense of individual and collective responsibility are the antidotes to ignorance. Essentially, knowledge frees human beings. It is a profound source of power that encourages candid human interaction and provides people with vigor as well as liberating them from various limitations. The creation and application of new forms of knowledge will no doubt determine the future direction of human society.

We believe that:

What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not pursuit of the child.

The universal concept of creative academy is derived by its origin, which in ᴩn�ns combined in one whole, true and applicable in all cases. Our school inculcates the y in diversity㯮cept. Noble hearted Mr. visioned a futuristic concept of creative minds molding the 21st century...

Organizational Background

In 2000, Mr. and Mrs. Kumawat established the Talent Academy on their own land in central Udaipur. When fees for schools in Udaipur started increasing, the Kumawats recognized the need for a school that would provide quality education to children at a subsidized rate. They founded the Talent Academy to serve children from poorer families in nearby areas. Currently, 100 of the school൰0 students receive financial scholarships and many other students are provided partial funding. The Talent Academy has the lowest fees of any school in the area, allowing the neediest children to become educated, literate citizens and vastly improving their opportunities in the future.

Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School Education

Talent Academy currently has over 500 students ranging from ages four to fifteen. Class sizes are on average 30 to 40 students and the school has 18 permanent teachers on staff. The students祮eral coursework includes science, math, social studies, Hindi, and English. Additionally, the school encourages participation in extra-curricular activities such as debate, painting, dancing, and singing to improve the students㯣ial, cultural and physical development.


Aims & Objectives

Our mission is to stimulate a life long love of learning in your child by encouraging their curiously while teaching effective problem solving and decision making skills. We strive to instill the values of honesty, respect, punctuality and self discipline in all our student.

Creating a spirit of devotion and dedication for the service of the nation & mankind.